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A FutureFi Platform For Next Generation Financial Products

A FutureFi Platform For Next Generation Financial Products

Further Empowering Algorand


The Blockchain for

  • A Carbon negative smart contract system utilizing the highly capable Algorand Virtual Machine
  • High speed transactional output of >1,000 TPS
  • Forkless in nature, secure in code
  • Advancements in Algorand State Proof technology will intertwine various blockchains for necessary DeFi2.0 advancements

A Healthy Ecosystem is
an Algorand Ecosystem


Integration with top tier wallets, exchanges, stablecoins, and payments service providers

Algorand Grants Program focuses on

  • Research Proposals
  • Development Tools
  • Infrastructure
  • Applications & Use Cases
  • Education and Community Building
Developing on Algorand

Developing the Algorithm

Algorithm Presents The World With A New Future

Algorithm is a highly advanced ecosystem builder for the Algorand ecosystem focusing on the buildout of top-notch startups who are seeking to provide high-end results to blockchain technology

A Developed Suite Of Exclusive Products

Ultimately Scaling & Fostering Ecosystems

Our vast line of products and services provide the world safe-guarded means of accessing the very best of decentralization, scalability, and security

Why Algorithm?

Uniquely Coded. Securely Backed.

  • At Algorithm we are intensely focused on solving the issues that blockchain technology faces
  • Based on a thorough due diligence framework and research process, Algorithm will provide capable and credible teams a platform to scale, secure, and further decentralize their projects
  • Participants of Algorithm are springboarded to join the Algorand community
  • We foster responsibility while providing security to everyone involved
  • Sustainability, Interoperability,
    & Trust In Technology

    Sales & Auctions

    • Holders of Algorithm $AGR have the ability to partake in initial distribution offerings of newly launched projects via the Algorithm launchpad
    • Providing innovation for new projects to tap into an engaged community with highly active participants
    • Projects incubated via Algorithm experience the best of Algorand exposure while also reaching 9x the marketing exposure with our interoperable cross-chain capable platform

    Staking & Governance

    • $AGR holders earn rewards for staking their tokens through the Algorithm dashboard
    • $AGR stakers will vote on proposals and effectively govern the Algorithm ecosystem builder, responsibly ensuring the Algorand ecosystem is being built out further

    Venture Milestones

    • To mitigate the risk of projects abruptly misusing the funds raised for their project or conducting ‘rug pools’, Algorithm enacts Venture Milestones to benefit holders of $AGR and enable the long term success of building out the Algorand ecosystem
    • Serving $AGR stakers in the form of locking up the proceeds from token purchases in a smart contract, which are released periodically over time

    Serving Our Users,
    Benefiting Blockchain

    Advanced FutureFi derivatives will grow the vast ecosystem to host a diverse range of assets & services

    Birth of financial primitives enabling interest bearing capabilities for asset holders

    Standing apart from the competition through strategic partnerships, grassroot campaigns, & extensive institutional reorganization

    Our attention is strongly focused on the next decade of financial deployments catapulting blockchain technology to free the world of financial irregularities & open to a more decentralized free state, for One and for ALL

    Securing Today,
    Advancing Tomorrow


    Phase 1

    Algorithm 1.0

    • Testnet, Audit
    • Launch to Main-Net
    • Launch of Ecosystem Builder Dashboard
    • Listing on Primary CEX
    • Yield Farming
    • Customized Sales
    • NFT Launch
    • Tokenized Insurance Services
    • AlgoLand Meet-Ups

    Phase 2

    Algorithm 2.0

    • Governance
    • AlgoLand DemoDays
    • Spotlight Series for Projects Launched on Algorithm
    • Live Zoom Calls for Community Build Up
    • Pool Rewards & Incentives
    • Listing on Other CEX
    • AlgoLand Hackathons

    Phase 3

    Algorithm 3.0

    • Token Airdrop
    • Large Scale Ecosystem Build-Out
    • Continued Strategic Partnerships
    • Various Program Initiatives

    Programmed as a Team,
    Unified as a Network

    Mehmed Ćoralić
    Mehmed Coralic


    Mehmed stems from a traditional finance background with expertise in banking and wealth management. Having previously worked for Merrill Lynch as a direct contact to international wealth advisors, his vast array of skillsets include detailed market analysis, business strategy & effective B2B scalability. Through consulting roles, Mehmed entered the crypto space in 2018 forming strong business relations with various startups & VC funds.

    Zachary Doniger
    Rudy Castillo


    Rudy’s strengths come from the conventional business world. He knows markets, market trends and capitalizes on them. His development into crypto began in 2017 as an investor, and never wavered through the bear market. He has worked with companies such as QSP, SOLVE, and ORN, proving to be a strong leader in the space. His skill sets of researching, finding promising projects and rolodex of strong connections will go hand and hand with Algorithm.